Is your aircon making you sick? Given the COVID situation, every service package will include FREE disinfection of your aircon with DETTOL
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$1,000,000 Insurance
For your peace of mind
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NEA awarded Company
NEA Cleanmark Silver Certified
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Cutting Edge Technology
We employ cutting edge technology from the US to give your floor that extra clean
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Instant Drying Time
Our machines suck up the dirty water right away. No more long drying times!

How We Do It

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Air Filter Cleaning and Disinfection

Filters keep your air cleaned of dust particles and allergens, and untreated filters leave can leave a bad odour and harm your health. We chemically clean your filters to make them good as new, keeping your air cool and fresh!

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Evaporator and Condenser Treatment

The evaporator and condenser take care of the heat outflow of warm air within the aircon unit - if they're faulty, your aircon is far less efficient. We help you treat the evaporator and condenser for maximum energy savings!

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Drainage System Flushing

All aircons must discharge waste waster and substances, and an efficient drainage system is essential to keep the unit in good working order. Left unchecked, a buildup of grime and toxic chemicals can damage the aircon, so we'll take care of that for you with a thorough chemical flushing.

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Full Interior Spray-clean

It's often hard to identify why exactly an old aircon isn't working as well as it used to. We dismantle the whole aircon unit and give the interior a thorough spray clean, then chemically treating every component. This makes your aircon literally good as new, reducing noise and increasing efficiency.

Stunning Results. Every Time

Our Machine in Action
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Why Choose Luce MG for your Air Con Servicing Needs?

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Our Technicians ARE ALWAYS READY

Activate us whenever and wherever necessary

We are always prepared with any client needs whenever and wherever possible. Luce Maintenance Group ensures that our technicians are on standby mode and we make sure to accept whatever client issues we get. This ensures that our Singapore customers can rely to our 24 hour aircon service and be able to receive top quality air-con solutions anytime, anywhere!

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Safety is a first!

Airconditioning service poses potential dangers especially when technicians dismantle units over ledges. Luce MG ensures that our workers are backed with public liability insurance and workman injury compensations. In addition, we make sure that our technicians are properly trained and have experienced working in different circumstances to abide with safety practices.

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Industry standards is also our top priority

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best, most reliable and advanced aircon servicing and repair in the industry. We believe that our years of expertise accompanied by experienced technicians make our services the gold standard. Further, new technicians are carefully chosen and they undergo comprehensive training under our seniors for at least a year. This program ensures that our highest expectations are met and standards are not compromised.

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