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Three Reasons to Choose Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Grade equipment

Save money for the things that matter more.

Luce Maintenance Group makes it a point to use the best possible cleaning materials to provide quality service for our clients. We usually use equipment that can handle heavy duty cleaning that can cover more areas at a shorter time. Industrial vacuum cleaners and heavy cleaning solutions are usually employed to make task easier and faster. With enterprise grade equipment, our cleaners are able to do more with in less time, saving you money!

Deeper knowledge in cleaning

Professional quality cleaning with a personal touch

Being in the business for a very long time has allowed the company and its workers to have much experience needed to have the top expertise when it comes to commercial office cleaning. We have developed that sense of instinct to whatever cleaning modifications suits our clients. In comparison with domestic cleaners, we have a wider knowledge that makes us more efficient and gives you the assurance of a guaranteed quality service.

A real understanding of quality cleaning service

Because we deliver

Setting the bar for professional cleaning service has allowed us to truly understand what quality service is. It is from years of experience that brought to what the company is today. The standard that we have set has become something to be maintained and even exceeded to meet the customer’s expectations. This can be evident from the glossed out floors to the spotless counters in your offices. Domestic cleaner on the other hand poses less experience in cleaning in comparison to what professional cleaning has experienced in a larger scale which results to a lower competence level.

What Our Cleaners Do:

Vacuum carpet flooring

Making sure your office is spotless

We take vacuuming your carpet floors seriously and so we make sure that every corner of the room/space is being taken care of.  We usually start off with cleaning the corners with the crevice attachment as this is most commonly missed and dust build up can be very hard to remove when not cleaned over time.  We then vacuum the entire room twice making sure to cover the top and bottom part of the carpet as well as unreachable areas like the ones under your furniture, chairs, etc. 

clean the toilet

Cleaner toilets for better health

Toilets are known to be the most humid and moist area in offices, especially in Singapore's tropical climate.  This is because when you flush or you wash your hands, water droplets can land on floors, walls, wash bins, etc., and it is the perfect area where molds and bacteria develops which causes different kinds of health conditions.  Bacteria can also be easily transferred from your toilet bowls and wash basins to your other toiletries.  Regular cleaning decreases the chance of getting flu or cold.


To ensure that your workplace is germ-free

Our professional cleaners usually gather all garbage bags from all the bins and place them outside for the garbage personnel to pick them up.  Once this is done, they clean the insides of the bin with soap and water to make sure that the entire bin is clean and to remove dirt and bacteria.  Next thing they do is that they let it dry before putting another garbage bag, ready for use.

Three reasons why our customers trust us

We provide ongoing training for employees

We maintain quality service

Our well trained cleaners and employees have gone through extensive training as soon as they are accepted in our company.  However, it does not stop there.  We provide ongoing monthly training and seminars to ensure that we give you the best quality service our company could offer.  This is also to ensure that we keep up with the times and with this, we are able to assess each of our employee’s productivity and performance.

Flexible to fit your schedule and your needs

Your needs are our priority

Our company understands that cleaning schedules may vary and will depend on our client’s hours of operation and the type of facility they have.  That is why we make the adjustments and will be the ones to adapt to our client’s cleaning specifications and schedules.  While cleaning tasks are usually performed after business hours and on weekends, our services can be scheduled one day to seven days a week, during any hour of the day, or even as one time office cleanings.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Keeping you worry-free

Our company recognizes that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.  We understand that these are things that are out of ours, and our client’s control.  We care deeply about our employee’s and our client’s needs reason why we make sure that our cleaners are covered by both the public liability insurance and the workman injury compensation insurance.  This is to ensure that both our employees and our clients are protected in case of accidents and emergencies.

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