$500,000 Insurance
For a peace of mind
NEA awarded company
NEA Cleanmark Silver Certified
Concierge Service
9 to 6 Call Support for all your cleaning requests
No interruptions
Dedicated reserve cleaner pool

Services included

Dining Area
Wiping down of surfaces
Vacuuming and mopping of floors
Wiping and vacuuming of sofas
Emptying of trash bins
Arranging of visible items
Kitchen & Cooking Areas
Washing of dishes and cutlery
Vacuuming and mopping of floors
Scrubbing of stove & countertops
Emptying and wiping of sinks
Emptying of trash bins
Wiping of surfaces
Mopping and vacuuming of floors
Wiping and vacuuming of sofas
Emptying of trash bins
Arranging furniture
Window cleaning
Cleaning and scrubbing of toilets
Scrubbing and wiping of bathtubs
Folding and hanging of towels
Shining of mirrors
Mopping of floors
Wiping of washbasin
Polishing of faucets
If there are requests for any additional service such as ironing, dry cleaning, etc., please bring them up when booking with us and we will try our best to get them accommodated! Our services also extend to ad hoc cleaning as per your needs.

Three Reasons Why Our Customers Trust Our House Cleaning Services

We are always available

Ready to serve you whenever and wherever you need us

The company is always open for client needs. Just a quick call from us and we will deliver and cater to your problems. On top of that, we reserve a strong pool of cleaners everywhere. This case you won't have a problem having your regular cleaner on annual or medical leave, because you are well-covered. We have our cleaners everywhere so you don't need to worry of your house location.


For our growth & improvement

Our business ensures that we take full responsibility of our clients and their opinions about our house cleaning processes. This way, we are able to prove that our success in the service industry is due to good working relationships with our clients, and that we continue to hear out every criticism we get. This gives us opportunity to improve our overall home cleaning services program.

We ensure our cleaners are the best

So that they are capable to deliver high standards in their service

Here in Luce MG, our cleaners go through a lot of training and assessment before handling their own clients and team. They undergo Workforce Skill Qualification's Professional & Environmental cleaning framework to equip them with the necessary skill set, experience and knowledge to deliver high standards and beyond expectations house cleaning services. Because of this. our company is awarded with Clean Mark Silver certification for maintaining top reliable professional services for years.

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