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Our Process

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Deep Cleaning using pH Neutral Cleaner

Marble and other stone surfaces are prone to acidity and there is a need for neutralization to brush off excess acid. Our process prepares your marble surfaces for a more thorough and deeper clean.

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Polishing with Diamond Abrasives

Marble surfaces are now treated with diamond powder mixed with crystalline micro abrasives to bring out the stone’s radiant shine and inner glow.

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Applying more Diamond Powder

Some stains are persistent and are not removed in one go so we apply more diamond abrasives for a fuller effect!

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Using seals to prevent stains and spills

Natural stones are like sponges and are super easy for spills and stains to get in. Our sealing process involves applying a protector to prevent from tainting, so cleaning is made easier.

Stunning Results. Every Time

Our Machine in Action
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Why Choose Luce MG?

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Island wide deployment and replacement

Luce Maintenance Group always prepares its cleaners for whatever client need. In doing so, we reserve a pool of replacement of equally skilled and trained cleaners. Our clients do not need to worry about their usual cleaners going on leave, because they know they are well replaced by just the same. Our cleaners are deployed country wide so no need to worry about your location.

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Look for no one else than the best!

Marble floor polishing involves a demanding process that require the right amount of skill set and experience. Here in Luce Maintenance Group, we make sure that marble polishing service is done by the best specialists out there equipped with proper skill set and have proven well in our mentoring and selection programs. With this, you are assured that your marble concerns are resolved by professionals and industry experts.

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So stone floors are polished the best way

We incorporate our own formula of polishing services – incorporating real diamonds to do the work. We have tried using common marble polish available in the market but realize its limitations in the long run. Instead we researched and tested out powders made from diamonds mixed with crystalline micro abrasives, and it turned out really well. Since then we continue to develop our own recipes to ensure up-to-date alternatives and client satisfaction.

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