Is your aircon making you sick? Given the COVID situation, every service package will include FREE disinfection of your aircon with DETTOL
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$1,000,000 Insurance
For your peace of mind
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NEA awarded Company
NEA Cleanmark Silver Certified
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Trained cleaners
Trained under WSQ professional cleaning framework
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No interruptions
Dedicated reserve cleaner pool

Services include

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Vacuuming of floor surfaces
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Mopping of floor surfaces
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Dusting of furniture
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Wiping of desks, tables
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Wiping of telephones and other office equipment
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Clearing of bins
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Pantry maintenance
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Toilet Cleaning

Three Reasons Why Your Company
Needs Office Cleaning Service

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Pleasant work environment

Enhance workplace health and productivity!

A pleasant work environment makes for happy employees, and enhances workplace productivity. Frequent high quality and professional cleaning with disinfection of surfaces keeps the office environment clean and healthy. With our services in Singapore, less people fall sick, more people feel productive, and your company will benefit.

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Increase Office Morale

Let your employees do their work, and let us do the cleaning work!

While it is tempting to have office staff be responsible to keeping the office clean, it often results in low staff morale for those being made to clean the office. Your staff joined your company because they are passionate about the work that you do - leave the commercial cleaning to us and let your employees focus on what they are passionate about!

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Saves You Money

Contrary to popular belief, hiring cleaners saves you money

While having office employees clean the work space may seem like a cost saving measure, it actually ends up costing the company more. Your employees are probably paid more on an hourly basis than our cleaners, so having them spend their more valuable time on commercial cleaning actually doesn't save you money! Let us help you with your office cleaning needs in Singapore!

Learn more about the benefits of having a clean office.

Why Choose Luce MG?

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Large Reserve Cleaner Pool

We ensure uninterrupted service

We have a large pool of cleaners deployed around the island. In fact, our cleaners are in every other building at Singapore's central business district. With such a high density and wide coverage of cleaners from Queenstown to Yishun, you don't have to worry about your cleaner falling sick because we probably have someone in the next building over ready to stand in!

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Covered by $1,000,000 of Liability Insurance

For your peace of mind

Our company is fully covered under a million dollars worth of Public Liability Insurance in Singapore. On top of that, we also purchase Workman Injury Compensation insurance for all of our workers, and Health Insurance for additional coverage. We have every eventuality covered, so you don't have to worry about accidents and liability when you work with us.

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Well Trained Cleaners

To deliver the service quality you expect

Our office cleaners are all put through rigorous training under Singapore's Work Skill Qualifications framework. Given the emphasis of the company on training, the company was awarded NEA's Cleanmark Silver award. This is only given out to companies who have a strong commitment to training, and send every single cleaner to at least 2 training courses.

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