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3 things that we look for for full-time office cleaning jobs

Consistency in all aspects

We seek a standardized-kind of service

Setting a high standard for a cleaning business is necessary to be able to succeed in the business. And being able to keep that standard in strict consistency is important most especially the regular employees working for us. Every worker is expected to perform at their best no matter who the client is and how much workload is given for a particular project. The management also does its part on its responsibility for its workers to consistently give them relevant training. This is to be done on a regular basis to keep its cleaners’ enthusiasm and knowledge at par with the standards that is set.


Be professional at all times

The cleaners are a reflection of the company’s reputation and this should be properly maintained. The workers have the responsibility to keep the company’s integrity and reputation intact. It is inevitable the nature of the job calls for entering the private spaces of a home from a client that needs to be cleaned. One of the key things that should be avoided being in an office cleaning company is snooping around the things and certain information that may lie around the area. It is inevitable that they may overhear conversations between customers or events that happen during the service. Any information witnessed should never leave the corners of that place.

Good Timekeeping

Has a good sense of time management

Our company values time as much our clients value theirs. And that is why we try to instill proper time consciousness to all of our workers. Being punctual at work is one thing that we take points on from our employees. They should be able to respect the time of our clients especially when it calls for urgent services. Keeping your time organized is a reflection of how efficient you are with your work. There is a timetable that some of our clients are requesting to be followed, and being able to reach every goal at a given time is a good determinant for effective timekeeping.

3 reasons why you should come work with us

Grow professionally

Advance your career with us

Coming from a company who aims to give the best service to its clients also reflects giving the best possible training to its employees. If you are a professional who seeks not only to earn monthly pay but to gain work experience that is topnotch, then working for us is the perfect choice. You will be employed for a company who cares about giving quality service and encourages its people to perform at its best ability and capacity. Being able to share your skills with other professionals in the business is an opportunity in itself that will help your growth professionally.

Work in flexible hours

A company that values your time

The company understands and fully realize that our workers are humans and have special needs as well. We know that we are all working professionals but we also sympathize that most of our workers have families to tend to between the working periods. And with that, understanding some instances wherein events outside work needs urgent attention is something that we consider. As long as the work gets done and backlogs are being compensated, then working for us would not be a problem. Even working part-time for a short duration is possible too. Everybody is also entitled with vacation, maternal, sick leaves that are all paid whenever they are necessary.

We give rewards to a job well done

Recognize to inspire and encourage

There are always employees that stand out with their tasks. People who take an extra mile and become innovative with their work to increase efficiency are always recognized and rewarded. Weekly meetings are done in our company and we never fail to recognize cleaners who has exemplified beyond the company’s value in line of service. This should not create a competitive environment but to encourage everyone to do better in their individual task. This can also be a motivating factor for people to continue giving their best efforts.

3 things that you will learn and master after you join us

Cleaning Techniques

Join the best avenue to sharpen your skills

Once you are accepted to join our company, you will go through a series of trainings in order for us to impart to you all the knowledge we have regarding office cleaning services.  We will teach you the basics and once you have mastered that, we will then proceed in training you with the advanced processes.  We will make sure that you have mastered all the things you need to master as well as provide you an advanced member of the cleaning service before putting you through individual work.

Learn about Teamwork

Experience working with a group of professionals

When you become a part of our company, you will not only get to learn the ropes of how our company works.  You will not only gain the knowledge of the ins and outs of this business but you will also get the privilege of having a second family away from home. You will be able to work in a team-setting wherein you have to deal with different kinds of attitude and work techniques.  Part of career growth is learning to adjust or conform to your different co-workers. Being able to harmoniously exchange ideas and finish every daily task is a vital experience for every professional.

Continued education

Learning doesn't stop with us

With the continuous growth and innovation of new technologies, our company always makes sure to keep up with the times.  That is why, we at our company conduct monthly meetings to keep track of our cleaner’s progress as well as learn about their concerns in order for us to address them.  Up trainings are also being arranged to introduce new processes and new technologies so as to better serve our clients.

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