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3 things that we look for in part-time office cleaning jobs


Honesty at all times

For our office building cleaning jobs, aside from the particular skills and willingness to be trained under supervision, one’s character and attitude is a part that we greatly consider. Most especially for those who are only be working for us part-time, giving that full trust can be a risk for the company to take. No matter how skillful the employee is, the honesty and confidence that you give us during work is something that will greatly affect the reviews from clients. The company has full accountability to that and that is why an employee’s trustworthiness is very important.

Easily trained

trainable and willing to learn

Time is of the essence for our company due to the rising demand of cleaning services around the region and we need people who are not necessarily experienced. One thing that we are looking for is the ability to be trained and can easily pick up on the training being facilitated. This can be an attitude that is useful when new set of guidelines and skills that need to be learned right away. Especially, for part-time cleaners wherein trainings are based on basic cleaning practices that are taught less comprehensively than full-time workers

Pleasing Personality

Can interact with a smile

Cleaning work and tasks does not only limit within the areas of the cleaning workspaces and the use of scrubs and mops. There is a portion of time wherein the cleaners have to face the clients in order to discuss some instructions and guidelines. Workers should be able to keep a friendly and approachable look to create a healthier relationship towards the clients. Remaining sociable is one thing that customers consider aside from the work output of the cleaning service. This can boost recommendations and great reviews from future clients that will entice people to avail of our service.

3 reasons why you should come work part-time with us

Receive Quality Cleaning Training

train and work with the best

Coming from a company with a high standard for cleaning services, expect no less than great training as employees. Working for us will not only be beneficial for the management and the company as a whole but to all workers as well who will receive an incomparable work experience. We make it a point to bring out the best out of our employees. Grooming their skills on the basic leading to more complex task will prepare them for projects that will develop them professionally. This also includes the right attitude to have in work and being able to create a work ethic that will be useful for them in the future.

You are well compensated

Be worry-free while working

The welfare for all of our employees is a top priority in our company. We make sure that everything is covered from compensation and benefits. You don’t need to worry about the dangers brought by the nature of the job as everyone is well protected. We provide an insurance that will cover all expenses just in case certain accidents may happen. A hazard pay is also given due to the fact that everyone will be dealing with toxic and possibly corrosive chemicals that may harm your health. This is to give all of our cleaners the confidence to work in an environment where they are cared for and are well-protected.

Work for a purpose

Be able to work for career growth passionately

The company was built for a purpose to enable to give service for people may it be big or small, full or part-time cleaning. We are driven to work passionately in all tasks that needs to be done. This has created an entire working system that has led to the success it has today. Working for us will give you that opportunity to work with a purpose to help ease the loads of people through the services we offer. Setting aside personal gain and placing the customer’s satisfaction in priority is one of the principles we have inculcated in our work.

3 things that you will learn and master after you join us

An Up-To-Date Training

Learn the latest techniques on cleaning service from us

In order to give the best possible cleaning service to our clients, we make it a point that we are updated with the latest advances in cleaning service. This may pertain to the latest technology, fresh techniques and different skills-training programs that are given for free for all of our workers to improve their skills. We never come behind with the trends for the reason that this will give us a better edge from anyone in the business.


Improve your craft with us

We make it a point that everything is standardized in the company, from the tools that we use to the efficiency and skills of our workers. Through our countless training and continued proficiency tests, rest assured that you will never be the same again, professionally at least. Molding our workers according to our standards is something that we aim for that they can never experience anywhere else.

Jumpstart your career

Start your career the right way

Our company does not only accept experienced cleaning personnel but is open to all those who are eager to learn. The profession requires a lot of hard work and patience especially dealing with time pressure while still keeping quality service. Initially, we implement basic training for everyone who does not have previous training. Promotion and advancing to each level of employment depends on the performance evaluation that is already considered a paid service. Everyone will be working with no less than the best professionals in the business which is also a major advantage for everyone who is interested in joining the company.

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