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Three Reasons Why Keeping Your Office Clean is Everyone's Responsibility

reflection of the company’s image

Impressions? Makes it or breaks it

As soon as we are officially employed in a company, we are considered to be part of it in all aspects. Everything that we do may it be on our work or attitude towards everybody, it greatly affects to how other people externally see from the company as a whole. Keeping our workspace clean and making sure that all of our personal wastes are properly disposed is a responsibility to be upheld by everybody. It is a good practice that reflects a lot of attributes that the company inculcates in its people like discipline, proper hygiene, and great sense of respnsibility.

First-hand users of the utilities

Cleanliness, only for you

It is a fact that there are people who are paid for the office cleaning services in our work place but it should not be a reason not to be responsible of our own trash. This could mean lessening the burden of cleaning service personnel but understanding the importance of personal cleanliness should be realized by everyone. We are creating these waste and dirt which means we are responsible of keeping it at the right place and be able to responsibly clean it. As employees we do not own any of the utilities that we use every day at work and by keeping our surroundings clean means respecting the company’s properties.

Your Health is your Company’s Wealth

Benefits everyone around you

It is important that everyone should pitch in when it comes to keeping your office clean.  Your office space is just like any other places that if left unclean, the more likely it is for dust and germs to build up making not only you, but everyone else in your office to get sick.  When this happens, it compromises the company’s productivity for that day if most of the employees will call in sick.

Three Ways a Clean Office can Improve Your Work Life

De-cluttered workspace

Know where everything is

Keeping your workspace organized where everything is at their right corners and space will give you an easier way of locating them. Most especially on physical documents that needs to be filed properly in order to easily pull them out when needed. Organizing means having a your folders labeled, containers for personal things, and keeping unnecessary items away from your work table. One of the first steps in keeping a workplace clean is by de-cluttering things that are of no importance. This is a mistake made by most people that they do not realize. Having a cluttered table space can waste time looking for things, risk of losing them and not being able to find them at all.

increases your employee’s effectiveness

For your peace of mind

How clean and organized your workplace is can greatly affect your employee’s mood.  Nobody wants to work on a messy office space.  It prevents them from concentrating on their task as they feel uncomfortable with all the mess in their surroundings, thus affecting their effectiveness with the tasks given to them.  Like what others say, a cluttered desk can result to a cluttered mind.  That is why keeping the workplace clean should be the company’s number one priority.

Reduces Stress

Improve productivity by leaps and bounds

According to statistics, an average adult spends more time at work in their office than their own homes.  That is why companies must maintain the cleanliness in the workplace, even without cleaners working office cleaning jobs. They must create an environment that is inviting, welcoming and conducive for working.  When your employees come to a clean and organized office, it will give them a clear mindset and boost their morale which can result to them being more eager to work.

Three Places in Your Office You should keep Clean

office Pantry

Enjoy your food in a clean environment

The pantry and kitchen is also an essential part in a business establishment, thus, it should be kept clean and tidy at all times.  Apparently, this is where food is stored and where most employees eat during break times. This space in the office is very susceptible to food spillage, waste receptacles lying around and floor stains. It should be kept in mind that if the pantry is not kept clean, it would attract rodents and would possibly nibble on improperly stored food.

office toilets

Clean toilets, for a worry free experience

Office toilet etiquette should be observed in every business office and in every public areas in general. Office comfort rooms should be a place for everybody to be able to clean and relieve themselves and should be everybody’s responsibility to keep it clean. Proper hygiene and sanitary health would be a major reason why keeping this part of the office tidy is very important. Basic things like drying your hands after washing, flushing the toilet after use, no vandalizing on the walls are some of the things that should be observed inside the toilet areas.

office Floor

Clean floor, Clean Impressions

The floor covers the most part inside and outside the premises of the office. From wooden floors, to concrete to tiled floors, maintain its optimum cleanliness is very essential. Aesthetically, it is very unpleasing especially for visitors to see dirt or stains on the floor when they come for business transactions and meetings. A doormat or rug should be installed in every doorstep most especially in the entrance of the establishment for the reason that this is the point of entry from outside. This can also be prone to accidents like slipping and tripping when there are spillage or clutter around the floor.

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