What's Bugging You?

Bed Bugs
Bees, Wasps and Hornets
Mosquitos, Fleas and Flies

We Provide Pest Control Service For

Residential (HDBs, Condominiums and Houses)

Our pest control services for various types of households are  safe and personalized since children, seniors or even you may be highly sensitive to some pest maintenance treatment.

Commercial (Offices, Warehouses and Retail Buildings)

Even office buildings and work places face a range of pest problems such as rodents and termites. These pests are troublesome, can reduce productivity and can be economically damaging. Our technique towards pest control in industrial sectors help to effectively reduce the dangers and lessen the problems caused by different types of pests.

Food and Beverage Outlets (Coffee Shops, Restaurants and more!)

Pests can be a nuisance for food and beverage outlets. Our pest control services are highly effective and customized based on level of severity and type of pest. With our pest control plan, the troubles of pests will go away.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor areas are naturally more complex than any indoor environment, and so as the pest control treatment. Our pest experts are well-equipped with cutting edge outdoor pest control devices to counter and minimize pest infestations through techniques like fogging and baiting.

How Do We Do It?

Inspection and Identification

Inspecting and identifying the type of pest in your area is the first step to get rid of pests. Our pest experts will inspect your whole property for any pest infestation, identify the type of pests present, and assess the level of damage the pests have brought.

Plan and Elimination

After identification and inspection, our professionals will device a customized pest control plan for your property for full pest eradication. This comes after our pest experts have talked to you about your living lifestyle, health conditions of any household member, presence of pets and external environment. Your safety is our number one priority.

After finalizing the plan, our specialists will use cutting-edge equipment and insecticides to implement the plan in the most professional, safe and efficient way.

Follow-up and Monitoring

There are instances that pests continue to show up after doing pest controls. That is why Luce Maintenance Group offers follow ups and consistent monitoring to ensure total elimination of pest in your property. Research shows secondary application of insecticides is necessary to eliminate cockroaches, rodents and many other types of pests. Furthermore, our pest experts will talk to you about professional preventive measures so you can eliminate the pests yourself.

Why Choose Our Pest Control Service?

Our pest control experts are well-traiNed

They are capable to deliver the best service.

Our technicians undergo rigorous training with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and National Environmental Agency (NEA) to equip them with the appropriate skills, experience and knowledge to serve our clients better. Our company is awarded with NEA Clean Mark Silver award because of our endless efforts to provide quality service.

Backed by $1,000,000 worth of Public Liability Insurance

For your peace of mind

Luce Maintenance Group ensures that our cleaners are covered by insurance from Tokio Marine. Accidents do happen and it may get costly for both the cleaners and clients. That is why our cleaners are covered by public liability insurance and workman injury compensation insurance, so our clients will have peace of mind.

STRONG LINE OF RESERVE Pest control specialists

We send our best experts whenever you need them

The company prepares a large pool of experienced pest control technicians who are deployed to our clients whenever necessary. This ensures that we can respond to any emergency pest control situations that our clients have. Our  technicians are deployed locally and there is no cause for concern regardless of home or office location.

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