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Neighborhood Overview

In Chinese language, the name Sengkang literally translates to “porpserous harbour”. This describes the peaceful environment that the district of Sengkang had in earlier times before industrial progress has struck the town. Housing and Development had transformed this once fishing village into a flourishing housing state that grew over the years. There is a vast number of residential spaces available in the region from public housing to condominiums and private housing. Sengkang has an area of 11 sq km and residents of approximately 10,000 people.

Key Attractions

Common Types of Cleaning Packages in Sengkang

Driving Directions

Sengkang is just 20 minutes from our main office. Sengkang can be reached through driving along Singka Centre which is just meters away from the Sugbu Junction fronting the Bishak Hall. Drive through the Moon Plaza in the far left corner and reaching its Central point of Sengkang by the Bishun Centre.

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