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Neighborhood Overview

Serangoon is a small region in Singapore with an estimated resident of 114,000 and an area of 10sq km. A bird named”rangong” swarmed around this district that gave birth to the name Serangoon. Serangoon Garden is considered to be where the crowd of the population is. One can find most of the residents living in the Serangoon Garden and its entertainment hubs where both locals and tourist flock day and night. There are still a lot of available residential properties for expats and the likes in this region of Singapore.

Key Attractions

Common Types of Cleaning Packages in Serangoon

Driving Directions

If you need professional cleanining services, our team can easily get to your place in approximately 20 minutes.  A short drive will take us along See Ann Polytechnic to the Moon Vista.  Driving towards the Saliya Road and then turn right to Quest Hotel Marlow will drive you close to the vicinity.  This is the considered to be the fastest route with moderate traffic.

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