$1,000,000 Insurance
For your peace of mind
NEA awarded Company
NEA Cleanmark Silver Certified
Cutting Edge Technology
We employ cutting edge technology from the US to give your floor that extra clean
Instant Drying Time
Our machines suck up the dirty water right away. No more long drying times!

Stunning Results. Every Time

Our Machine in Action

Three reasons why our customers trust us

Strong line of
reserve CLEANERS

Ready to be activated as and when you need them

The company prepares its own pool of replacement cleaners who are deployed to our clients whenever necessary. Our clients do not worry about their fixed cleaner going on annual or medical leave, because they know that they are well-covered. These replacements are deployed islandwide and there is no cause for concern regardless of office location.

Backed by $1,000,000 worth of Public Liability Insurance

For your peace of mind

Our company ensures that our cleaners are covered by both the public liability insurance, and the workman injury compensation insurance. Accidents do happen and claims may get expensive, but with our cleaners covered by insurance from Tokio Marine, our clients know that they are always protected if something goes wrong.

Our CLEANERS are well-trained

So that they are able to deliver high standards in their service

Our cleaners are put through at least two courses under the Workforce Skill Qualification's Professional and Environmental cleaning framework, to equip them with the appropriate skills, experience and knowledge to serve our clients better. Because the company strives to maintain high service quality through rigorous training, our company is presented the NEA Clean Mark Silver award.

Our process

Repair and Replace Damaged Flooring Panels

Water / termite damaged floor panels are replaced with matching wood panels to preserve structural integrity of wood flooring.

Fine Sanding of Wood Flooring to Remove Scratches and Imperfections

Wood Floor is sanded meticuluously to remove surface scratches and imperfections, leaving the surface flat and smooth for maximum shine after varnish is applied.

Wood Fillers for Damage Resistant Flooring

Wood filter fills the cracks between parquet pieces, greatly increasing floor resistance to water damage and making your flooring last! Floor is re-sanded again to ensure a smooth surface.

Stain the wood in a colour of your choice

Flooring is stained to give it a fresh new colour look, breating new life into old floors. Didn’t like the last colour? We’ll gladly stain your floors with a different shade.

Glossy Coat of Varnish for the Beautiful Wet Look

Natural stone is porous and can be easily stained. Our stone protector prevents spills and stains from seeping into the stone, making spills easier to be cleaned up.

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