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Our Services

Our part time maids will ensure that your whole home is cleaned effortlessly and properly using Homefresh - whether it is your kitchen, dining room, bathroom or bedroom.

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With our finest and most updated carpet cleaning technology, your carpet is guaranteed to look like brand new.

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Our marble floor cleaning process is the best one out there which involves real diamonds to ensure your stone floors shine like never before.

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Our aircon servicing involves different techniques such as general servicing, chemical overhaul, chemical wash and gas topping to make sure all your aircon issues are covered.

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With our comprehensive wood floor cleaning process, your old wooden flooring will look good as new.

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Our specialized cleaning solutions and state of the art auction equipment will help your tiles from looking dull and having grout lines.

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We ensure that our clients have the most comfortable and cleanest working environment to boost productivity and get the whole company in shape.

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We adapt an extensive pest maintenance approach from inspection to elimination to follow-up to ensure your environment is 100% pest free.

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Three Reasons Why Luce Maintenance Group is
Professional and Trusted


we never settle for less

Bringing you top, up-to-date service always

With our multiple services, our key priority is always bring quality, professional maintenance to all. On top of that, we never focus on one service line. Instead, we make sure that every service is up-to-date and lives to the standards. This way, we can show our clients that we never settle for less and we always aim to give professional and reliable service to everyone.



Not just quantity, but also quality

The common thinking is that once you juggle a lot of verticals, you'll never master one. But here in Luce MG, we keep our services updated because we dedicate a team of researchers and technicians for every service. We maintain gold standards for each line and ensure that our processes are beyond expectations.


we have the best client relationship

The customer is always right

We believe that one of the key foundations of a successful company is ensuring a healthy and professional working relationship with various clients. Luce MG's success stems from its clients and we always assure that we deliver and cater to our client's expectations and needs. Our client's feedback is our responsibility and we take them seriously to improve our services and keep their trust in us.

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